15 Ways To Grow Your Audience On Podcast

Podcasts are gaining popularity. People subscribe to it and listen to it whenever they want. One of the most common ways people hear it is in the car.

Most of today’s podcasts are audio only, although there are video podcasts. Podcasting really came out of the need for background content. That means something that can entertain, educate, or inspire you.

Podcasts have been found to be very effective and efficient at driving website traffic, raising awareness, and generating leads. The use of the podcast in advertising strategies recently increased, mainly because many people develop a lot of interest in using them.

Once you have decided to launch a podcast, the main concern for most of them is how to grow your audience on podcast. Your growth and marketing plan should be integrated directly into the podcast.

how to grow your podcast audience

1. Make the show interesting and worth listening to

Of course, listeners tend to bet on interesting and quality topics on podcasts. No one can waste their listening to poor content, and that cannot have any impact on your life. Generating a large audience requires the show to be worthwhile for a listener who spends some time listening, other than getting bored to spend some time. Changes are always needed from time to time so listeners prioritize podcasts at least once a day. Therefore, good and quality content will increase listeners from time to time and will not get anywhere for the same content.

2. Get listed in podcasting directories

The list of podcasts in podcasting directories has been found to help potential listeners find shows they are looking for and that match their interests. The Internet has several directories where users can easily find them. In addition, paying to be included in the directory will present a great number of difficulties to increase the amount of audience.

3. Give it a name that attracts attention and is interesting

It has to appeal to your niche. In addition to that it can obtain good results in the search engines. 

4. Create stunning titles for each episode or chapter of the podcast

Each podcast should have a name with keywords, not just numbers, to tell people what to expect and make it more recognizable.

5. Write an attractive description

Make sure your podcast channel description, and every podcast you create, is written and sounds exciting enough for your audience to want to listen to.

6. Be consistent

Set up a regular podcast schedule so people know what to expect. It’s a great commitment, but it’s the only way to get an audience to come back for more and tell others. For example, you can post your episode every Wednesday at 8pm; Your followers will be attentive and await those days. 

7. Count your lists

If you have email marketing lists, email them to invite them to subscribe to the podcast. You can also submit topic and guest suggestions. Another alternative is to have a live episode where you let your followers ask questions.

8. Social networks

Tell everyone on your social media account about your new podcast channel. Every time you create a new podcast, post it to your social media pages. Encourage people to share the post with others they know who may also be interested in your content.

9. Discussion forums and groups

Post information to your podcast in niche-related areas on the Internet where your target audience will meet.

10. Suitable tags and subscription links

Since online podcasts are audio files, it is very important to tag them to help listeners find them through search engines. It is also imperative to use keywords or descriptive tags that can appeal to listeners and target audiences who are very interested in the program. Note that a description will determine whether or not a person will listen to the podcast; therefore, it is important that it be treated as a promotional strategy that absolutely captures the interest of the browser.

11. Your blog

Include information from your podcast on your website. Also, give each podcast you create a page. Add a transcript to attract search engines. It is interesting to note that blogs are a very effective tool for generating interest in the podcast. Blog articles generally reach multiple audiences who don’t understand the podcast, and it can be a useful tool for building an efficient search engine presence. Therefore, offering a podcast on a blog with well-visited subscription links will definitely help increase the audience. Occasionally, the public will learn about the idea of the show.

12. Be a guest blogger

This means that you provide free content to one or more blogs related to your niche. In return, they give you a link pointing to your subscription page.

13. Be a guest on other podcasts

Grow your audience by being a guest on specialized high-profile blogs. This way, you will have the opportunity to target your URL to listeners who like what you have to say. It offers a place for guests in return and asks the guest to share the URL once the podcast has been created. 

14. Interview guests on podcast shows

One of the best ways to generate a large number of audiences is through interviewing the guest from the same industry. You should focus on those bloggers who have good number of social media followers. By doing so, they will alert their followers or readers, and many of them will watch the podcast. This can only be successful if the interview is well prepared and unique when asking catchy questions. This is the sure way to increase your podcast audience in the long term.

15. Issue a press release

Report that you have a new podcast with the help of a press release. Chances are, journalists interested in your niche, or looking for interesting information to pass on to their readers, will be happy to pick up your story and share it. There are free and paid press release distribution services that can help you.

Growing your audience for your podcast doesn’t have to be an uphill struggle if you follow these tips and tricks. Use everything you’ve learned and you should soon have a growing audience of eager listeners.

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