How To Schedule Posts On Instagram?

“Aah the week has passed and I haven’t posted anything on Instagram yet!”
“What the hell am I going to post on Instagram today ??? No idea, too bad! I’ll post tomorrow.”

Does this ring a bell? Many Instagrammers go through this when they don’t know what to post. Every day they try to come up with an idea. It’s annoying! They end up wasting a lot of time and energy because it is difficult to be regular.

Regularity on Instagram is one of the keys to successfully gain visibility, subscribers and interactions.

There is a simple solution to this problem:  Schedule posts on Instagram!

how to schedule posts on instagram

The advantages of scheduling your posts on Instagram

When using Instagram for your blog or business, the most important thing is regularity. And the stories are always there to share everyday moments. A pro account must be considered as such and requires good organization in order to be present regularly without wasting time. Searching for a post idea every day, finding the time to prepare your image / take a photo, writing your post, publishing it and responding to comments can quickly be time-consuming. All it takes is an impediment (a sick child, an unexpected appointment, a big sluggishness, …) and impossible to post or then forced to post content quickly which will probably not be of quality.

By scheduling your posts:

  • You save a lot of time that you can use to work on your projects (or to read a book while drinking hot chocolate).
  • You manage to be regular, which will make you gain visibility.
  • No more outages of inspiration and having to rack your brains every day (and get rid of the stress that can accompany this research).
  • You can more easily reach your goals. For example, if your goal for a particular week is to promote a free giveaway or an affiliate product, you can schedule your posts by adding a call to action in each of them to bring you back to your free gift or your affiliate product.

Find Instagram Post Ideas

Usually, this is where it starts to get stuck. If you want to post every day, it is far from easy to find a different quality post idea for each day. Lack of inspiration is a big problem, but if it can reassure you, the more time passes, the easier it becomes. 

To help you find ideas:

  • Use the questions you are asked. It’s a great way to find great post ideas that will interest your audience. 
  • Take up themes addressed in your blog articles, this will allow you to promote them again. If you don’t have a blog, use the topics discussed on blogs in your theme. It is not a question of making a copy and paste of the article of course, but it gives you a starting idea which you can develop according to your point of view.
  • Choose a theme per week/month. It will help you come up with ideas for each day. For example special “motivation” week, special “autumn look” week, special “lower body exercises” week, special “choose a typography” week. Example of the special week theme “choose a typography” could be:
  1. Monday: The different types of typographies
  2. Tuesday: Why Choosing Good Typography Is Important
  3. Wednesday: How to combine different typographies together
  4. Thursday: Sites where to download typographies for free
  5. Friday: My favorite typography is …
  6. Saturday: Quote related to the importance of typography
  7. Sunday: Sharing a design made with different typographies
  • Don’t forget the promotional content, whether to promote a blog post, a product, a free gift, an affiliate product, etc. 
  • Share the news of what’s going on in your theme. 
  • Look in your old posts to see which ones have had the most interactions and use them as inspiration to create new ones.

After reading these different points, you are now ready to brainstorm. Take a notebook and write down all the ideas that come to you without filtering. Keep this notebook handy so that you can write down every new idea that can come to you at any time. Your objective: find 28 ideas for posts (for 4 weeks).

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Create visuals for Instagram

Once you have found your ideas for publications, it will of course be necessary to create your visuals. Again, you can do them as you go if you want to waste time. But to win, a creation session (or photos) and you will be quiet for 4 weeks. It’s really worth it.

To make it easier for you, create templates that you can reuse by modifying the text and the photo (if there is one).

You have the choice to create your own publication templates via Photoshop, Canva (or any other free tool) or to purchase ready-made templates

Use Trello to organize and help you plan your Instagram posts

good organization as well as the application can make you save a lot of time. And Trello is the perfect tool for that. You might be using a paper planner to jot down your ideas and write your posts directly when scheduling those posts. The problem is that it will limit you in your work since you can only do this during your dedicated time, when inspiration could come to you at other times, far from your schedule. 

You can use Trello to jot down your ideas for posts that come in at any time as well as for writing your posts. Then, you just have to copy and paste in a scheduling tool. So you can write your posts even outside via your phone.

A list for your ideas and one for each day of the week. By adding a deadline to each card, you can then easily see your schedule for the coming weeks on the calendar. To activate the calendar, you need to go to: Menu> Power-Ups> Calendar> Click on Add. You can even add the visuals on Trello. That way everything will be in one place.

Scheduling your Instagram posts

Once your ideas are well distributed for the next 4 weeks, you just have to transfer everything to your scheduling tool.

  • Step 1: Upload your images
  • Step 2: Copy and paste the Trello posts on the scheduling tool.
  • Step 3: Choose automatic publication well (only possible for Instagram business accounts).

And now, in a few hours, you will have prepared 1 month of posts on Instagram! At first, it may take you a little time (especially if you don’t have a model created yet and you start from scratch), but with time and habit, it will go faster and faster. Take advantage of small moments during the day to search for ideas or write your next posts. This will allow you to progress little by little in the search for ideas and the writing of your posts. All you have to do is to be present in the story, respond to your comments / private messages and move forward on your projects.

Tools to schedule posts on Instagram

Scheduling of your Instagram posts can be done using any of the 3 tools below:


This is the first tool that you can use to schedule your posts. It is very easy to understand and allows you to schedule your posts on 4 different social networks (in the free version). If you want to post the same thing on several social networks, this is the tool for you!


I really like it because it gives you hashtag ideas (when you’re short of ideas at this level, it’s a great help) as well as hashtag info (Niche, Good, Best, Competitive) with a color code which makes it easy to navigate.

You can also save groups of hashtags that you can reuse in your next posts with just one click.


It allows you to preview what you have scheduled and thus be sure that you will have a beautiful, harmonious feed. You also have the possibility to save texts or groups of hashtags that you can simply reuse for each publication with a single click.

Do not hesitate to try them and see which one is right for you.

When you have chosen your tool, you will be able to load the images that are already ready and to write your texts .

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