How To Create A Facebook Group And Earn The First 1000 Members Quickly?

One of the most interesting tools that Facebook continues to have is that of creating Facebook groups. And it is that in the end, we are social beings who like to share thoughts and that, although it is already possible to do it openly, it may be more comfortable or desirable to do privately in certain cases.

And just that is what the groups on the platform offer us. A somewhat more “exclusive” or private place, to which we can even restrict access, where we communicate with other people with common interests as diverse as the fact that they all belong to a family, a team with which you play sports or a club Reading.

 Having a group on Facebook gives you several advantages such as:

  • You have your own community
  • Helps you position your personal brand
  • You can share your content in the group without having to wait to be approved.
  • You add value to the community
  • You learn from the community 
  • If they do things right you can monetize the Facebook group
how to create a facebook group and earn the first 1000 members quickly

How to create, configure and manage a Facebook group?

To create and grow a group on Facebook, you have to take several points into account, ranging from choosing the name to using a good image on the cover, and other adjustments that we can make in the group settings to get more members to join the group each day.

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1. The theme or niche to which the group is directed

The first thing to consider is whom we are targetting? Preferably it should be people who share an interest in a specific topic.

When this is taken into account, it is easier to determine on which topics to share information, and thanks to this, Facebook recommends the group to people who may be interested in this topic, because they are probably already members of other groups, they follow Fan Pages and even publish content related to this topic.

Clearly being more specific, we can choose the topics to share, the name and even the cover photo of the group, these are very important elements to improve the positioning of the group against the Facebook search engine.

2. Importance of the group name in Facebook SEO?

If we choose a good name, it is possible that we will be more visible in Facebook searches, therefore the name of the Facebook group should ideally include the keyword of the topic on which we are going to lead the group.

To choose the name of the group you can do a short research on Google to see what are the most searched terms and if possible name the group in the same way.

3. Tricks to design the cover of the Facebook group

Another key factor in the positioning of the group is the photo that is used as the cover. Pay close attention to this factor because it is decisive when it comes to positioning the group. This works because people are more attracted to see the faces in the ads, banners, billboards, videos or any graphic piece of advertising, therefore this helps the CTR (Click Through Rate) of the group search result.

It may seem like something without much value, but every detail counts and that if you put a good photo and especially that of a face, it is more likely to have more clicks on the result and you will keep on ranking higher than other groups of the same theme.

4. Basic group configuration settings

Group description: Organize a short description which quickly explains what the group is about and what the members of the group can expect.

Add geographic locations: One of the adjustments you can make in the Facebook group to make it grow is to include all the main cities you want to target, this with the intention that Facebook suggests it to the people when they search for information related to your topic in posts, pages, and groups in their home cities.

Adjust the group rules: In the rules, you must be clear about what type of content it is okay to publish and make it clear that in case the group is used for self-promotion, the member who does so will be blocked and in case it gets too heavy, removed from the group. It is also ideal to make clear that they communicate among the members with respect and cordiality.

Link other groups or Fan Pages that you manage: Linking the group to a Facebook page if you already have, helps you gain more followers on the fan page. Now if you have several Facebook groups and it is minimally related in terms of the niche, an additional adjustment you can make is to link these groups, this will help you gain more exposure as each group gains members more quickly. Also you can pre-approve the members of the different groups.

Choose the categories to which the group belongs: Choose 3 or 4 categories of tags that are related to the niche of the Facebook group.

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How to grow a Facebook group?

Follow the tips below to get your first 1000 followers in no time.

1. Send an invitation to your mailing list

If you already have a mailing list or database, which you previously captured because you possibly have a blog, take that list from your email client and invite them to become part of your community, surely there you will find your first community members.

2. Take advantage of the followers of your social networks

If you are active in any social network, be it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube etc. You can take advantage of that follower base and invite them to join your nascent community or Facebook group

3. Find other groups with the same theme and promote yours

This can work best for you to reach more users. However, you have to do it carefully as they can block you in the group for sharing the info of other similar group. Also, Facebook itself may seem suspicious if the post has too many links and you share the same over and over again in several groups.

To avoid getting blocked in other groups, share valuable information in these groups. Remember that the sites where you are going to share the valuable information or the post must be groups that are interested in the info that you are going to share.

4. Make engaging content in your group and share it in other groups

This is by far the best trick that can give you awesome results and a quick jump in the members count. I have benefited the most using the same. You can create engaging content in your group like a picture quiz or a funny video. You can share the same content from your group to other groups. Make sure that the content is of the same theme as your group and also of the groups where you’ll share it. The good thing about such content is that members of other groups will keep on commenting and the content will keep on bumping at the top, thereby exposing your group link (which would be visible below the content as you have shared it from your group) to many members of other groups.

5. Hire owners/influencers to get targeted members

Last but not the least, you can use Fiverr to hire owners/moderators of other Facebook groups or influencers to promote your group for a small fee. Few of the sellers are given below who might come in handy to boost your Facebook group.

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What was your experience with the Facebook groups? Please share your valuable inputs in the comments below.

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