Effective Tricks To Get Twitter Followers And Retweets

When you start on  Twitter, with zero followers, and with nobody knowing you, it may seem almost impossible to get new followers.

But this is not the case, knowing how to do it, not only can they be achieved, but they can also be achieved in a fairly reasonable period of time.

Today I am going to focus on the tricks that you can apply to make yourself in a matter of days with a good base of followers and from there accelerate its growth. Also, I will share the tips for getting more retweets.

Many of these tricks will be useful not only for that initial start-up, but they will also bring you a permanent (and increasingly intense ) flow of new followers.

tricks to get twitter followers and retweets

10 Tricks to accelerate the growth of your number of followers

Well, let’s go there with what would be the  10 best tricks I know  to grow the number of followers of your Twitter account:

1. Have a personal and / or professional blog

This is, without a doubt, the most powerful tool  I have known so far to get new followers on Twitter and, therefore, my recommendation #1  if you want to have a Twitter account with a large number of followers is that you create a related blog that is about topics that you are passionate about and do not have trouble writing about.

I know … It is a bit ridiculous to recommend the creation of a blog just to grow your Twitter account, but it is that I would not make this recommendation if there were still many more reasons that advise you to seriously consider this option.

Not surprisingly, people consider the blog to be the most important tool for your personal brand. If you dare, you will discover that a blog + Twitter is a  perfect alliance with many synergies.

2. Use Dlvrit

The online tool Dlvrit competes heavily with blogs for the title of  “most powerful tool I’ve ever met.

In fact, in the event that you do not have a blog or you see that blogging is not going to be your thing, in my opinion, it would clearly be the# 1 option to increase the number of followers on Twitter as it is effective, it is “ethics” (it does not use dirty tricks like the follow/unfollow technique) and requires almost no effort because it works alone.

Your success depends on your good judgment when selecting these sources. If you carefully select good quality fonts and respect a series of good practices, you will be contributing valuable content on your timeline and you will be rewarded with people who start following you.

Otherwise, if you publish garbage or even spam, you will be rewarded with the losses of your followers.

What I love about this tool is that it turns out to be a perfect way to combine automation on Twitter with added value, a  perfect win-win for the blogger/tweeter and follower.

However,  there is a “but”: its effectiveness depends on how many people already follow you. Therefore, with zero followers the initial start-up will be slow, but once you reach a certain threshold it is tremendously effective and with many followers, it is like having a turbo on your Twitter account.

Tip 💡: Use very specialized fonts at the beginning  that allow you to include a hashtag.

3. Pull your friends and acquaintances

Find friends who are already on Twitter and are active, encourage people (not only friends but also coworkers, clients, etc.) to sign up on Twitter, in this blog you will find a lot of material to convince them.

Make a  mass email to your contact list, both professional and personal, indicating that you are now on Twitter, ask coworkers and clients if they are on Twitter, communicate your new account in forums and social networks where you are already active, etc.

In other words, try to identify all the resources you already have and try to get the most out of them to get a small initial base of followers on Twitter. Going from zero to a few dozen would already be a very important step.

4. Make guest-posts on relevant third-party blogs

Another great formula to accelerate the growth of your list of followers is the guest posts on a third-party blog.

There are blogs that use this formula a lot for their content. And when you work on it, you can see the effects that a guest post can have, not only for your Twitter account but also for your personal brand.

To increase your options it is important that you also dare to get into new terrain that is not evident at first glance but related to your activity.

For example: suppose you are a lawyer, you have your own office and you are interested in promoting yourself.

You may not find the ideal blog to write about your specialty in law, but you can dare to go to any broad niche blog (which is about blogging and related topics) and post an article on a specific legal issue related to the publication of content on blogs (use of copyrighted material, etc.).

In this case, you could investigate, for example, what are the problems derived from using images subject to copyright in a blog post and create a series of three or four different posts about it.

5. Followback

I detest the techniques of the style of “I follow you, you follow me”.

However, on the other hand, unless you have a significant number of friends or manage to “place” a guest post on a consolidated blog and with a high level of traffic, it is not easy to reach a critical mass of followers, which allows you to “be heard” on Twitter and that by tango you continue to grow based on quality tweets.

In this sense, taking into account the harshness of the principles, it seems to me “excusable” to use this type of technique for that initial “push”.

Of course, be clear that an audience that you build with these techniques is going to be very ineffective since the people who do system followbacks will almost never read you and even less, will interact with you (retweets, mentions, etc). Therefore, the thing makes sense rather in the face of the good image that gives having already 100 or more followers, which will greatly facilitate that others are interested in you and give you a chance.

But this, on the other hand, is still a hoax because your audience will be followers who are not really interested in you but participate in the same issue. These things are the ones I referred to earlier with “dirty tricks”. Now, it does not seem the same to do it “on a small scale” to achieve that ignition effect of your account then when you already have 5000 followers. In those ranges, I think we are talking about pure and simple deception to appear a success that you don’t really have.

Anyway, from here, the decision is yours.

6. Put your Twitter account on your business card, in the signature of your email, etc.

This point does not have much to explain. It is an idea as simple as it is effective.

In addition, it is an improvement of your professional image and personal brand because a Twitter account on a paper business card is something that adds a touch of professionalism, gives an air that “you are up to date”.

On the other hand, setting up a signature footer in your email with your Twitter account (and who says Twitter, says your blog, etc.) is a very profitable investment. Think that it will surely take you no more than 15 minutes of work and yet, you will be sending thousands of emails with that signature over the next few years.

If you do not know how to do it for your specific email reader, on Google and YouTube you will find an infinity of tutorials that teach you for Outlook, Hotmail, Gmail, etc.

7. Make a massive mailing to your contacts

We all have many contacts, usually hundreds of them, of which we also have their email. This is a great asset, also to get your Twitter account up and running. Seize it.

Being contacts with whom you already have an established relationship and that you already know physically, it is very easy for them to be encouraged to follow you if you write them an email saying that you would like to be in contact with them via Twitter.

Of course, be careful to use the blind copy field (“BCC” field in the list of recipients) when sending emails to many people at once.

If you want to work on it, you can also use tools such as Word’s “mail merge” functions to create personalized letters.

8. Take advantage of your Facebook and LinkedIn accounts

This trick is, in short, the same as the previous one, but applied to Facebook and LinkedIn.

The idea would be to first communicate the existence of your Twitter account to your contacts and friends, but you can also post from Twitter to Facebook and you can also do the same in reverse.

If you maintain constant activity on these channels and take care of the quality, the increase in followers is certain.

9. Deal Follow Fridays (#FF)

Follow Fridays are a widespread tradition on Twitter that was invented in 2009 and consists of recommending tweets on Fridays through tweets marked with the hashtag of #FF or #followfriday.

Using this idea, you will surely be able to please the ego of the odd tweeter recommending you (which can translate into following you) or simply being interested in who you are, likes your timeline and decides to follow you. It all depends on the good judgment and originality of your #FF.

10. Depreciate yourself

The 1.0 world is still key if you want to succeed in the 2.0 world, we are people and the quality of the relationship with someone you know physically is difficult to match on the virtual road.

On the other hand, it goes without saying that they are also very effective (due to the networking they allow) “traditional” events such as presentations, courses like the ones we organize here, round tables, etc.

Bonus: 5 more ideas

  1. Ask for retweets for a good cause: There are many idiots out there, but there are also many good people. Therefore, this works very well and, in addition, it suits very well. Good examples are a tweet to get a job for a friend, a photo of a lost dog, or a donation to a good cause. Obviously it’s about being authentic, so don’t force it, just take the opportunity if it presents itself.
  2. Pay attention to impact news: Being aware of impact news that fits your topic line, reacting quickly and making 4 or 5 good tweets can have a lot of impact, even going viral, if you hit the nail on the head.
  3. Surf the wave of trending topics: It does not hurt to be aware of the trending topics that are seen on the main page of Twitter or sites like this. Over time you will identify hashtags that go well with your theme and that work very well as for example the tag of #job or #recruitment works very well (as is logical, they are liked a lot and receive many RTs of the tweets with job offers).
  4. Use offline ads: If you want to bet heavily, for example, to create a Twitter account linked to your business, you can always think of an “old-fashioned” campaign  (press, radio, etc.) with an indication of the Twitter account and the rest of your websites (blog, Facebook, etc.)
  5. Publish eBook: Readers eBooks and Amazon have revolutionized the publishing market. It is possible, although it is not easy, but it is possible that someone completely unknown, promotes and sells a bestseller without the help of anyone. For sample, a button. You cannot make all this reader traffic profitable only with the eBook itself, but also with other channels of which one can be Twitter. To do this, indicate your account everywhere, on your author page, in promotions, etc.

In short, with these tricks and applying the basic principles of the previous post, with a little effort, you should be able to reach a few hundred good quality followers in a matter of  2-3 months.

From there you will see that things change and everything will become much easier. At a threshold, simply contributing about 20-30 tweets a day and taking care of the quality, you will probably get followers almost daily.

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5 Tips for getting more retweets

Lets head over to the 5 effective tips of getting more retweets.

1. Tweet links

The percentage of tweets that have links are retweeted much higher than the percentage of tweets that have no links. Conclusion: There is a small percentage of tweets with links, but they generate many retweets. If you want to have more retweets you should somehow recommend good links through your Twitter account.

2. Asking for retweet

If we put “Please Retweet” it will generate more RTs than if we asked for it in other ways. If we go by statistics, we get 51% retweets in case of “Please Retweet” compared to 39% in case of “Please RT”. Try it for yourselves, when you finish reading this, see the end of this entry, share this link on Twitter and don’t forget to add “Please Retweet” (not otherwise), if you get many retweets please do let me know.

3. Stop talking about yourself

Obviously, if the only thing we do is talk about us, us, us, there will come a time not only that they will not retweet us, but that they will give us unfollow. Not to mention if we insult, are permanently sarcastic or only use Twitter to annoy. Among the people who are not famous, those who contribute to the world with a solidarity cause are the ones who gain the most followers and retweets. I have experienced this many times, just tweet something against pedophilia with the hashtag #notopedophilia and add “Please Retweet” and you’ll get many retweets. People join us when we fight for a healthy cause, sometimes a single person can impact a lot, even if it is spreading a link that contains useful information and that serves society.

4. Say new things

It is well known that news tweeting is the most retweeted on this social network. If we go by the statistics, the order of priority for retweets is descending in the following order: News, Instructions, Entertainment, Opinions, Products and Small Talk. It is obvious that if we have a unique personality, our tweets will also be unique and unrepeatable. If we are genuine and use our imagination, not only will we contribute to the global quality of retweets increasing, but also our followers will strive to tweet things at the same level, something that forces us to evolve all within this social network. If everyone were sincere and genuine on all social media the poke world would turn into a place full of bright, smart people.

5. Tweeting about Twitter

If we want to get many Retweets we should include the word “Twitter” in our Tweets since 300% of RTs mention Twitter and very few mention Facebook.

I hope you liked the tips and tricks, remember to share it by putting a “Please Retweet” or “Please do Retweet”.

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