40 Tips For Twitter That Turns Newbies Into Experts

One of the things that make Twitter great is that there is always something to learn. Today we bring you a post about tips to use, take better advantage and become an expert on Twitter.

tips to become expert on twitter

Before Starting

  1. Don’t be overwhelmed. Twitter’s learning curve may be a bit steep at first, but essentially it boils down to three things you’ve been doing all your life:  reading, writing and sharing.
  2. Twitter is not Facebook. Twitter is really nothing, but while the public side of Facebook skews towards friendship with people you meet in real life – who could be called “friends” but are often, at best, almost forgotten acquaintances – Twitter is more about making new connections, exchanging information, and climbing the information curve. And after a while, those differences become obvious.
  3. With that said, everyone needs a mission statement. Why do you use Twitter? What do you hope to achieve? What can you achieve?
  4. Twitter is a public network. The things you type in that are visible to all 200 million users on Twitter (theoretically at least) and are also tracked by Google and many other search engines and aggregators. So be brave and sincere, make yourself noticed, but you should also keep in mind about your fingerprints because they are likely to be visible forever.
  5. With all that said, relax. Twitter is supposed to be fun.

Your Profile 👤

  1. Use a photo of yourself as your avatar. Not that of a famous person, not that of your pet, nor that of your baby or partner. A picture of yourself. That is what we want to see. And we don’t want a close-up of your eyes, either. Also, the image should increase in size when we click on it. Trust me: you are much more handsome than you think.
  2. A standard measurement of the background image is nice, but not vital. Most people do not pay attention and since Twitter changed the profile of technical specifications it is meticulous and less important. There are so many sizes and types of screens (PC, Mac, netbook, laptop, iPad, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Nokia 3310) that they tend to look fatal (or at least bad) most of the time. Try to be unique if possible, but don’t worry too much about the details.
  3. Complete your biography. It’s okay to be resourceful, but not at the cost of clarity. Do not use the bio for an abstract message, to say that you are crazy about celebrities, to attract attention and other strange things, they really are out of fashion. And if you want people to contact you, include your email address.
  4. If you don’t have a website or blog that you are proud of,  don’t put the link. Avoid shortening the link because it makes people suspicious. And don’t link to your Twitter profile.
  5. The rest of the profile settings are personal preferences, but I recommend that you don’t protect your tweets unless you really don’t want people to see your stuff. And if you do, perhaps a public network like Twitter is not the best place to hang out.


  1. Be polite.
  2. Be useful.
  3. Be interesting.
  4. Be unique.
  5. Be yourself.

Your Tweets 🕊 (Part I)

  1. You only have 280 characters available, so keep that in mind.
  2. Manual use is good, automatic use is bad. It’s okay to schedule tweets, but not automate anything.
  3. Good spelling says a lot about you,  as you will be judged on your ability to write, including not only spelling but also grammar and punctuation. Take a moment to write the perfect tweet – it’s always worth the effort.
  4. There is an important difference between mentioning others for their work (courtesy) and thanks for retweets.
  5. Similarly, you shouldn’t tweet only about praising yourself.

Looking For Followers

  1. Participate, get involved, participate. Repeat it again like a mantra.
  2. Do you want to know how not to get someone to follow you? Order it directly.
  3. If you write Tweets, the followers will arrive. Behave the way you want to be treated, and write about the topics they want to discuss.
  4. All of the following systems, Twitter trains, and that sort of thing are complete rubbish. Don’t waste your time or (in some cases) money. If you assume that you are happy with a large network, but full of strangers, none of whom pay the slightest attention to you, it is up to you.
  5. Strive for 100 true fans, and try to be remarkable. The rest will take care of themselves.

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Twitter Label

  1. Use Twitter well. If you can’t squeeze a suitable phrase into 280 characters (or, ideally, less), try again.
  2. Find the balance between being too negative and happy. It is not a very popular field, only for others who are like that. Do not be who you are not, but if you really are an idiot, a stupid or a fraud, you should work a little more.
  3. Needless to say, but trolls, bullies, spammers and stalkers are not welcome. (Try it on MySpace.)
  4. Act as if you already have enough followers.
  5. Don’t send new followers an automated welcome message. We don’t like that. Again, we should never automate anything.

Your Tweets 🕊 (Part II)

  1. Become an authority in your niche. Everyone is an expert in something. (And if you’re not, you should read more about it.)
  2. People look for consistency and value. It’s okay for them to go crazy from time to time, but you need to find out what their midpoint is. Midpoint does not mean boring. It means balance.
  3. The same applies to how often you post your tweets. After a period of time (usually a few months) you will find yourself in a natural place where you and your audience feel comfortable with your daily number of tweets.
  4. You can always choose how to behave and react to others.
  5. Don’t kill the messenger.

Links 🔗

  1. Always, always, always use bit.ly to shorten links. It has a statistics function (tip: add a + to the end of the bit.ly link to see the URL statistics), which are great, but that’s not as important as the fact that bit.ly is trusted by the Twitter Community.
  2. It’s okay to share your own things. In fact, I recommend doing it twice a day to cover all major time zones.
  3. If you want to get retweets, leave enough space in the 280 characters.
  4. If you’re retweeting from someone else, mention them. I mean the one who did the original retweet.
  5. Even for the Twitter elite, the level of engagement measured by clicks and retweets is incredibly low. So relax, and remember that everything happens in the medium term.

5 Bonuses

  1. There is no perfect client app for Twitter. Use whichever works for your job. (That said, I recommend HootSuite. It is best in my opinion)
  2. Track and delete any dubious authorized apps on your Twitter profile. I don’t know what kind.
  3. Become a kung fu master in Twitter searches. You do not imagine what you will find.
  4. Don’t be afraid to block people, for the right reasons. But keep in mind that Twitter blocking is rubbish. Don’t trust him to protect you.
  5. Make Twitter a part of your life, but don’t make your life a part of Twitter. Often your best thoughts happen offline.

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