180 Days of Off-Page SEO Action Plan (High DA Backlinks)

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  1. Mikey

    Created a new website to test your strategy.
    Just started with day 1 🙂

    I will keep you updated,

    1. Dennis

      Way to go Mikey!!! Eagerly waiting for your updates 🙂

    2. Devendra

      Is it works?

      1. Mikey

        Hi Devendra,

        Yes, i see positive results 🙂
        It goes slowly but thats perfect, specially for a new website.
        Quality is King these days.

        All the best luck,

      2. amykaza


    3. Ax

      What’s up ?

  2. Stuart

    Awesome Guide.
    It worked wonders for my website.
    Good jump in SERP and I can see some organic traffic pouring in.

  3. Reed

    This website waѕ… how do you ѕay it? Relevant!! Ϝinally I’ve fօund something which helped me.

    Мany thanks!

  4. Ax

    Is your backlink strategy work for German language or only English ?

  5. Afzalur

    Subscribed to premium membership today. Hoping for positive results.

  6. career counselling

    thank you for this

  7. Rahul

    Positive result in first month. Thanx.

  8. Afzalur

    My feedback after working for 1 month on this guide.

    1. Easy to follow.
    2. Quality backlinks with all the required details.
    3. 3 tiered technique helped me to rank a couple of my tier 1 backlinks as well.
    4. Do’s and Don’ts session was awesome where Dennis dealt with basic to advance level of SEO best practices.
    5. Achieved a DA of 12 after working 30 days on this guide.
    6. 8 long-tail keywords are now ranking on the first page of Google, with 2 keywords ranking on the top 3 positions.
    7. Got to learn a lot about White hat SEO.
    8. Dennis acts as the mentor and quickly responds to my doubts.

    1. Few of the backlink websites were dead (They were replaced quickly when I reported it)
    2. “How to create backlinks” should be more elaborative.
    3. Only a few backlinks contained video tutorials. Video tutorial for the creation of all backlinks would have been much better.
    4. Unable to figure out a few backlinks (Had to wait for assistance from Dennis to create them)

    1. ahmad fauzan

      do you always index backlinks after you do the implementation of each tutorial?

  9. E-commerce Guru

    Impressive guide Dennis. Enjoying working on it.

  10. Karthik

    No UPI option. Can I pay via UPI?

    1. Reyhansh Rajput

      contant to them on whatsapp

  11. Shoumik

    Looks perfect for any off-page SEO campaign. Good work Dennis.

  12. Ravindra

    Seems easy to follow. I hope I’ll get video tutorial for each backlink creation. Is it available if i subscribe for premium pack ?

  13. Affiliate Marketer

    Got 3 sales yesterday. Your session helped me a lot. Thanks…

  14. Saif

    Subscribed to the premium membership but I am still not able to access the content

  15. Maya

    Thx a ton for your interactive session. Gonna start working on the guide today. Will keep you posted.

  16. Tagaram Suthar


  17. jim li

    Hi, I had paid you by paypal, why it doesn’t work?

  18. Modinul

    Hi, Dennis, I wanted to get the package on fiverr. Will I get all the link list and strategies?

    1. Dennis

      Fiverr is just an alternate mode of payment. Whatever mode you choose, you’ll be getting all the features mentioned along with an interactive live session where the strategies mentioned in the guide would be discussed in detail.

  19. Raphaël

    A big thumbs up for your efforts and guidance Dennis. Eagerly waiting for your link-building guide extension.

  20. Abdenour

    Thank you for this guide. It is excellent and thanks to these high quality backlinks I have gained 11 points on my DA and my site is positioned much better. I’m far from finished with this great backlinks guide.
    Thanks for everything Dennis

  21. Sophia

    My heartfelt thanks for all your efforts, Dennis.

  22. Salman

    I just bought your subscription. I want an interactive session also.

    1. Dennis

      Kindly drop us an email with your name and registered email ID to book your session.

  23. Nairaland Forum

    Am new here, I came here through your YouTube channel thanks but yet to try your links

  24. Guru

    Thanks. You are doing a great job.

  25. Pooja

    Thanks. You are doing a great job. I hot yours from your youtube channel. Please be regular in publishing videos. Waiting for your next video. Thanks from

  26. Luca

    Pretty satisfied with your action plan Dennis. Kudos to you

  27. sloshout

    thanks for sharing

  28. Andrey

    Availed your premium subscription. Please activate it

  29. Léo

    Thanks Dennis for this wonderful action plan and interactive live session that busted many of my SEO myths.

  30. Online Marketing

    Big fan of your link building tactics

  31. Abdenour

    the videos do not match, they are too old the sites have evolved. Impossible to follow your plan if you don’t master the subject. I spend a lot of time to succeed in putting a single backlink. It is too difficult

    1. Dennis

      “Change is the only constant in life.” With time, the websites evolve and experience changes; as a result, video tutorials do not match them. We have replaced the video with step-by-step instructions in such cases. We take every step to ensure that all the link-building instructions are crystal clear and easy to follow. In case you come across any such link-building instructions that are either dead, not functional or difficult to follow, you can send in your ticket to admin@seekyourwayout.com for prompt resolution.

  32. Mark

    I appreciate your efforts

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