7 Clever Ways To Get Free PlayStation Gift Card

PlayStation gift card is a product of PlayStation Network, commonly known as PSN which is an online service platform created by Sony Computer Entertainment for the sale and support of video games. Through PSN you can buy or play games online and use other functions that are connected to each other, through this network, such as group chat. It should be noted that you need an ID to be able to access all these benefits.

playstation gift card

What is PlayStation Gift Card?

PlayStation Gift Card allows you to load funds to your PlayStation Store wallet without the need for a credit or debit card. One of the main advantages is that we can gift this to someone we know who has a PS4 or PS5 even though we don’t know what games they have or what games they like. The fund can be exchanged for game credits, season passes, movies, add-ons, PlayStation Plus subscriptions, or any other type of content that is available on the PlayStation Store. You can use them for your own gaming pleasure, or collect them to give as gift cards to someone who is just as a fan of PlayStation as you are.

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How To Get Free PlayStation Gift Card?

Looking for free PlayStation gift card, games, or PSN codes? We have compiled possible ways to obtain free PSN gift card legally.

#1 – PlayStation Plus Trial + Swagbucks Combo

This technique involves 2 steps:
Register for a 14-day trial: PS Plus lets you try out this premium service for 2 weeks. You can then play with friends and save the games online. After the 14-day trial, you’ll have to pay $9.99 + tax automatically each month. Note that you have to use your credit card or your PayPal account to begin your trial.

ps plus

Swagbucks: Founded in 2007, Swagbucks is the leading destination for earning PayPal cash or free gift cards for things you do online. At home or on the go, you can conveniently earn points (called SB) when you: Shop online, Watch entertaining videos, Search the web, Answer surveys, Save with grocery coupons, Play games and Discover great deals. If your PS Plus trial ends, you can extend it to up to 12 months by exchanging your SB for free PS Plus codes.

PlayStation Gift Card Offered: PlayStation Store Gift Card, PlayStation Plus 1 Year Membership

This site is my personal favorite. Everyday I spend 45-60 minutes on this website and earn around $25-$30. I’ve managed to earn more than $10,000 in cash and gift cards as of date from Swagbucks.

★ Trustpilot Rating – 4.3/5

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#2 – FreeCash

Founded in 2005, FreeCash allows you to earn rewards by completing tasks. These tasks can be completing surveys, watching videos, downloading apps, and much more. Coins are the virtual currency used to represent your balance on the site. You can exchange these coins for a variety of rewards ranging from PayPal cash, Bitcoin, gift cards, game codes, and many others.

PlayStation Gift Card Offered: PlayStation Store Gift Card

★ Trustpilot Rating – 4.7/5

#3 – Gamehag

Founded in 2016, Gamehag is a website dedicated to a wide community of gamers, offering you quick access to Free-To-Play games and free rewards in exchange for carrying out specific tasks. When you play games you’re playing each day, but doing that through their website, you may earn the Soul Gems (currency of the website), which can be exchanged for attractive rewards.

PlayStation Products Offered: PlayStation Plus 1 Year Membership, PS4 Pro Console

★ Trustpilot Rating – 4.4/5

#4 – PrizeRebel

Founded in 2007, PrizeRebel has partnered with many market research companies who are looking for an opinion on new products or would like you to be a member of their website. In return for your time and participation, you will earn points that you can redeem for gift cards, online game codes, and PayPal cash.

PlayStation Gift Card Offered: PlayStation Store Gift Card

★ Trustpilot Rating – 3.2/5

#5 – InstaGC

It was founded in 2011. The main idea behind InstaGC is to earn points by completing offers and tasks that they provide. There are many different ways to earn points like filling out surveys, watching videos, listening to online radio, visiting sites, testing apps or games, shopping, and completing general tasks. There are 320+ gift card options that can be redeemed using points. These points are also convertible to cash and paid through PayPal or Bitcoin.

PlayStation Gift Card Offered: PlayStation Store Gift Card, PlayStation Plus Gift Card

Trustpilot Rating – 3.3/5

#6 – Earnably

Founded in 2015, Earnably rewards its members for answering daily surveys, completing simple tasks, and watching videos. On successful completion, you will earn points that can be redeemed for instant PayPal cash, gift cards, wallet codes, and many more.

PlayStation Gift Card Offered: PlayStation Store Gift Card

★ Trustpilot Rating – 4.6/5

#7 – FeaturePoints

Founded in 2012, FeaturePoints let you earn rewards on your phone or the web with surveys, cashback, and more. They have paid out over $5 million in rewards to their users. Once you have accumulated enough, you can redeem your points on a huge selection of gift cards including Amazon, PayPal, Bitcoin, and many more.

PlayStation Gift Card Offered: PlayStation Store Gift Card

Trustpilot Rating – 3.6/5

Discounted PlayStation Gift Card

If you need PSN gift card urgently, then you can opt for discounted PlayStation gift card websites. G2A is one such website where you can find cards and codes with PSN credit and PS Plus subscriptions at very low prices. You even get discounted games in their store. I definitely recommend you to take a look at this store before buying anything in official stores.

Scam Alert: Free PSN Code Generator

There are hundreds of bogus sites on the Internet that claim to generate free PSN codes but in reality, it is all a fraud to steal your data. These websites seem very convincing at first, but they could end up hacking your PlayStation server. These websites are completely a scam and manipulate desperate users to perform unusual tasks, while the site magically generates Playstation gift card codes out of nowhere. But the code they provide you is nothing more than a random number and letter code that obviously won’t work. They also have fake bot chat boxes, fake comments, and fake reviews on their platforms.

free psn code generator

Proof of this is thousands of results with terms such as “Free PSN Code Generator” that appear in Google that lead to fraudulent websites. Most of them will try to steal your personal information and by using these sites you also run the risk of downloading viruses.

In short, there is no such thing as free PSN Codes Generator, all those sites are completely fake. So stop looking for PSN code generators online. They’re not worth the risk or hassle.

Now it’s time to hear from you: What’s your favorite way of earning a free PlayStation gift card? Do you know of any other reliable ways that offer the possibility of getting a free PSN gift card or PS Plus subscriptions? Do share with us in the comments below.

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